Grants and Sponsored Program Opportunities: Chemistry

This resource guide illuminates the pathway to grants and sponsored program opportunities in the field of chemistry, tailored for educators and researchers seeking financial support for their initiatives. Highlighting key organizations such as the American Association of Chemical Teachers, American Chemical Society Hach Programs, NSF Division of Chemistry, and the National Academy of Medicine’s Catalyst Award, it serves as a comprehensive directory for advancing chemistry education and research. Each entry provides a gateway to funding designed to foster innovation, support professional development, and enhance classroom resources, ensuring the continual growth and impact of chemistry in academic and practical applications.
Illustration of chemistry educators and researchers collaborating in a lab filled with beakers, test tubes, and chemical formulas.

The realm of chemistry is ever-evolving, with research and educational initiatives at the heart of innovation and progress. This resource page is meticulously designed to bridge chemistry teacher educators and researchers with various organizations and resources that provide grants and sponsored program opportunities in chemistry. These opportunities are crucial for securing the financial support needed to propel teaching, learning, and research in the field forward.

List of resources

American Association of Chemical Teachers (AACT)

AACT offers grants, awards, and scholarships specifically tailored for the professional development of chemistry educators. These financial aids are designed to support educators in enhancing their teaching practices and furthering chemistry education.

Discover AACT opportunities.

  • American Chemical Society (ACS) Hach Programs
    ACS-Hach Programs are dedicated to supporting future and current high school chemistry teachers in the U.S. With a focus on aiding educators in completing teaching credentials and providing resources for the classroom, these programs are pivotal in advancing chemistry education. Scholarships and grants are available to support these endeavors.
    Learn more about ACS-Hach Programs.
  • NSF Division of Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs (CHE-DRP)
    The CHE-DRP encompasses nine specific research areas within chemistry, offering support for various research activities. From Chemical Catalysis to Nanochemistry, these programs are designed to foster innovation and research excellence in chemistry.
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  • The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) 2024 US NAM Catalyst Award Competition
    In collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, the Bia-Echo Foundation, and the Yun Family Foundation, NAM offers the Catalyst Award to U.S.-based innovators. Winners receive a $50,000 cash prize, access to further funding, opportunities for global collaboration, and resources to enhance their projects and professional development.
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