Una imagen simbólica que muestra la conexión entre los libros de reglas y el juego en la mesa en los juegos de rol de mesa. Se ve un libro de reglas abierto con líneas abstractas y símbolos que emergen de él, fusionándose en una escena dinámica de jugadores alrededor de una mesa con dados rodando y un Dungeon Master guiando la sesión.

El Espacio que Conecta: Reflexión sobre los Mecanismos en los Libros de Juego de Rol y el Juego en la Mesa

En este artículo, analizamos el «Espacio que Conecta» los mecanismos de los libros de reglas y el juego en la mesa en los juegos de rol de mesa (TTRPGs). A través de ejemplos prácticos y citas de expertos, exploramos cómo la abstracción facilita una experiencia de juego más dinámica y colaborativa, resaltando las diferencias clave entre la teoría y la práctica en estos juegos.
A diverse group of professionals engaged in a strategic meeting in a modern boardroom, with a focus on consortium management, featuring charts and technological tools on a large screen and the conference table.

Effective Consortium Management and Role Clarification: Navigating the Complexities of Cooperative Agreements

Delve into the world of consortium management where effective leadership and clear role definition are paramount. This article uncovers the pivotal roles of the Lead Organization, Consortium Chair, and key committees, elucidating their responsibilities and impact in steering successful cooperative agreements in science and technology sectors.

Unlocking Multi-Sector Collaboration: A Guide to the Collaborative Convergence Pyramid

Discover the transformative power of the Collaborative Convergence Pyramid (CCP), a dynamic framework designed to streamline communication and collaboration across multiple sectors. Rooted in multidisciplinary approaches, the CCP offers invaluable insights for academics, policy-makers, and practitioners, especially in STEM fields. Learn how it addresses linguistic barriers, functional roles, and more, all while reducing uncertainty and leading toward sustainable solutions.

Dr Jasmin Cowin to present at the 23rd European Cultures in Business and Corporate Communication research network conference

In an era marked by rapid advancements in algorithmic technologies, the forthcoming EUCO 2023 conference will feature a seminal paper titled ‘The (Algorithmic) Cage,’ authored by Dr. Jasmin Cowin, Dr. Birgit J. Oberer, and Cristo Leon, Ph.D. candidate. This interdisciplinary research critically explores the dual role of Artificial Intelligence in shaping digital communication, addressing its socio-economic implications. From job displacement to language digitization, the paper delves into many concerns, including the digital divide, privacy, and security. By bridging disciplines such as TESOL, business administration, and interdisciplinary research, the study serves as a vital discourse in understanding the complexities and ethical considerations in a digitally transforming world.

Cristo Leon to present at the International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning 2023

Our interdisciplinary team presents pioneering research on the transformative impact of AI-driven simulation training in modernizing teacher education. The study, to be showcased at the 26th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning and the 52nd IGIP International Conference on Engineering Pedagogy, aims to redefine teacher training standards and effectiveness in higher education.

Mastering Trans-Disciplinary Communication: A Comprehensive Guide to Collaboration

Introduction to Mastering Trans-Disciplinary Communication Building Trans-Disciplinary communication skills is essential for addressing complex, vexing challenges. One should engage in specialized education, hands-on collaborations, and diverse research ventures to foster these competencies. In order to master Trans-Disciplinary Communication (TDC), it’s…

CLDM Book: Reflections on Communication, Collaboration, and Convergence

In their new book ‘Reflections on Communication, Collaboration, and Convergence,’ authors James Lipuma, Cristo Leon, and Victor Hugo Guzmán Zarate unveil actionable strategies for elevating STEM education and research. With a strong focus on effective communication and meaningful collaboration, this publication is a pivotal guide for educators, researchers, and professionals. Drawing from over five years of empirical research, the authors also emphasize the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the STEM fields. The book is a treasure trove of practical insights and frameworks that promise to significantly impact how we approach STEM education and trans-disciplinary research.