Cristo Leon to present at the International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning 2023

Our interdisciplinary team presents pioneering research on the transformative impact of AI-driven simulation training in modernizing teacher education. The study, to be showcased at the 26th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning and the 52nd IGIP International Conference on Engineering Pedagogy, aims to redefine teacher training standards and effectiveness in higher education.

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Groundbreaking Research on AI-Driven Simulation Training for Teachers to Be Presented at International Conference

Madrid, Spain — September 26, 2023 — CLDM (Cristo Leon Digital Mentoring), a trans-disciplinary research (TDR) organization, is thrilled to announce the presentation of its groundbreaking paper, «Accelerating Higher Education Transformation: Simulation-Based Training and AI Coaching for Educators-in-Training,» at the:

ICL2023 «Towards a Hybrid, Flexible and Socially Engaged Higher Education«

26th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning

52nd IGIP International Conference on Engineering Pedagogy.

The conference will run from September 26 to September 29, 2023.

This compelling paper results from a robust interdisciplinary investigation by esteemed authors Jasmin Cowin, Birgit Oberer, James Lipuma, Cristo Leon, and Alptekin Erkollar. The paper delves into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modernizing teacher education, drawing from diverse disciplines like education, business administration, and computer science.

The research serves as a vital discourse on asynchronous AI-driven simulation mentoring and its potential impact on teacher effectiveness. It explores the integration of research-based psychological, sensory, and cognitive domains and cites practical examples from simSchool and Mursion to hypothesize forward-looking, scalable educator training approaches. The work aims to stimulate dialogue among stakeholders in higher education to change teacher education globally, thereby aligning with the Sustainable Development Goal 4. c for the year 2030.

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