Unlocking Multi-Sector Collaboration: A Guide to the Collaborative Convergence Pyramid

Discover the transformative power of the Collaborative Convergence Pyramid (CCP), a dynamic framework designed to streamline communication and collaboration across multiple sectors. Rooted in multidisciplinary approaches, the CCP offers invaluable insights for academics, policy-makers, and practitioners, especially in STEM fields. Learn how it addresses linguistic barriers, functional roles, and more, all while reducing uncertainty and leading toward sustainable solutions.

Daniel Mendez De La Cruz y Colaboradores Presentarán Innovador Estudio sobre Pensamiento Matemático en el 12º Congreso Internacional de Investigación Academia Journals Celaya 2023

Comunicado de Prensa PARA PUBLICACIÓN INMEDIATA Innovador Estudio en CETMar No. 19 Explora el Desarrollo del Pensamiento Matemático en Estudiantes de Nuevo Ingreso a través de Khan Academy Frontera, Tabasco, México — 29 de octubre de 2023 Daniel Méndez De…

Cristo Leon to present at the Congreso Internacional de Investigación Academia Journals Tláhuac 2023

Our multidisciplinary team unveils a groundbreaking pilot study focusing on student self-assessment in General Education Requirements (GER) within a STEM university setting. Recently presented at the Congreso Internacional de Investigación Academia Journals Tláhuac 2023, the research employs a tailored survey based on AAC&U VALUE Rubrics to assess institutional effectiveness. It aims to harmonize educational benchmarks with student self-perception, providing novel insights into pedagogical approaches.