Cristo Leon to present at the Congreso Internacional de Investigación Academia Journals Tláhuac 2023

Our multidisciplinary team unveils a groundbreaking pilot study focusing on student self-assessment in General Education Requirements (GER) within a STEM university setting. Recently presented at the Congreso Internacional de Investigación Academia Journals Tláhuac 2023, the research employs a tailored survey based on AAC&U VALUE Rubrics to assess institutional effectiveness. It aims to harmonize educational benchmarks with student self-perception, providing novel insights into pedagogical approaches.

Press Release


Revolutionary Pilot Study Explores Student Self-Assessment in General Education

Newark, NJ — September 10, 2023
Cristo Leon, Director of Research at the College of Science and Liberal Arts for the Office of Research & Development at New Jersey Institute of Technology, has co-authored an insightful research article titled «Exploring Student Self-Assessment in General Education: A Pilot Study Using Surveying Tools.» The article recently made its debut at the Congreso Internacional de Investigación Academia Journals Tláhuac 2023 held in Mexico.

About the Study:

This pilot study bridges the gap between student self-assessment and institutional effectiveness in General Education Requirements (GER). Conducted at a STEM university, the research employs a tailored survey grounded in AAC&U VALUE Rubrics. The findings shed light on the congruence between student self-assessment and established educational benchmarks. Such work not only enriches the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) accreditation process but also contributes to ongoing dialogues about educational methodologies across disciplines.


The study presents a novel approach to student assessment in education, using out-of-course pre-and post-tests to gauge student self-awareness. «This research represents an intersection between individual student growth and broader educational goals,» Cristo Leon said. «The results pave the way for scalable applications in diverse educational settings.»

Future Directions:

The authors plan to extend their research to investigate response rates, student development, and the broader applicability of these self-assessment mechanisms to enhance educational outcomes across multiple domains.

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