Cristo Leon to present at the 27th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics: WMSCI 2023 with Pioneering Keynotes

Cristo Leon to deliver transformative keynotes on AI regimes and effective trans-disciplinary communication at WMSCI 2023. Don’t miss it!


  • Two Keynotes on Trending Research Areas
  • Pioneering Trans-Disciplinary Communication
  • Collaboration with Esteemed Colleagues

Orlando, FloridaSeptember 15, 2023 – CLDM, a leader in the academic and research sphere, is delighted to announce that Cristo Leon, Director of Research at the College of Science and Liberal Arts for the Office of Research & Development at New Jersey Institute of Technology, will be presenting two monumental keynotes at WMSCI 2023. This academic endeavor advances our collective understanding and exemplifies CLDM’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within multi-disciplinary research landscapes.

Setting the Agenda for the Future of AI and Trans-Disciplinary Research

Ever at the vanguard of academic innovation, Cristo Leon has continued to push the boundaries of research, particularly in the areas of AI, Data Management, and Trans-Disciplinary Communication. The much-anticipated keynote addresses, to be presented at WMSCI 2023, delve into topics of immediate and far-reaching consequence.

The first keynote, «A Brave New World: AI as a Nascent Regime?,» co-authored with Dr. Jasmin Cowin and Dr. Birgit Oberer, examines artificial intelligence’s ethical and technological ramifications (Cowin et al., 2023). Meanwhile, the second, «Data Management Sharing Plan: Fostering Effective Trans-Disciplinary Communication in Collaborative Research,» in collaboration with Dr. James Lipuma, establishes a blueprint for efficient, cross-disciplinary information sharing—both keynotes offering fertile ground for future scholarly contributions.

Unique Features of the Keynotes

  • Ethical and Governance Implications of AI
  • Strategies for Enhancing Trans-Disciplinary Communication
  • Future-Ready Roadmap for Collaborative Research

«Presenting these keynotes at WMSCI 2023 reflects not just a milestone for me but serves as a testament to our enduring commitment to pioneering research and academic discourse. We aim to challenge conventional perspectives and catalyze meaningful, tangible progress,» stated Cristo Leon.

About Cristo Leon and CLDM

Cristo Leon is a seasoned director of research and development, a luminary in trans-disciplinary research (TDR) interested in exploring Conflict and Collaboration. With a strong focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, he aims to revolutionize how we perceive and engage with the academic landscape. Having joined AFTC in February 2023, Cristo has since been a prolific contributor to the field through various collaborative articles.

Mark Your Calendars

Don’t miss these insightful keynotes that are slated to shape the discourse of AI ethics and trans-disciplinary communication in the academic arena. The event will occur in Orlando, Florida, from October 25-28, 2023. This Event has been Jointly Organized with the International Association for Trans-Disciplinary Communication (AFTC)

This is a must-attend event for scholars, students, and industry leaders alike to grasp the nuances of these keynotes and their potential impact on various fields, be it STEM education or business administration.

CLDM’s representation by Cristo Leon at WMSCI 2023 sets a new benchmark for excellence in trans-disciplinary communication. Discover how these thought-provoking keynotes can influence your research trajectory. For further information about the keynote addresses, visit the WMSCI website.


Cowin, J., Oberer, B., & León, C. (2023). A Brave New World: AI as a Nascent Regime? [JSCI]. Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, 21(4), 58–66. /Research/Collaboration & Convergence.

About CLDM

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