A diverse group of professionals engaged in a strategic meeting in a modern boardroom, with a focus on consortium management, featuring charts and technological tools on a large screen and the conference table.

Effective Consortium Management and Role Clarification: Navigating the Complexities of Cooperative Agreements

Delve into the world of consortium management where effective leadership and clear role definition are paramount. This article uncovers the pivotal roles of the Lead Organization, Consortium Chair, and key committees, elucidating their responsibilities and impact in steering successful cooperative agreements in science and technology sectors.

Presentación del artículo: Analyzing the meta dimensions in TRPGs: Meta-action, metacognition, and metagaming

Dentro del “5to Coloquio Internacional de Estudios sobre Juegos de Rol» presentamos un artículo donde discutimos el meta juego, la meta cognición y las meta acciones dentro de los TRPGs