NSF List of Acronyms

Acronym / Name
ABR / Accomplishment Based Renewal
ACIR / Division of Advanced Computational Infrastructure and Research 
ACS / American Chemical Society
ACT / Approaches to Combat Terrorism
AD / Assistant Director
ADVANCE / Program to Increase Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering 
AFOSR / Air Force Office of Scientific Research
AIC / American Institute of Chemists
AlP / American Institute of Physics
AMPC / Advance Materials and Processing Cluster (CER, EM & MET) 
ANIR / Advanced Networking Infrastructure and Research Division (CISE) 
AO / Administrative Officer
APF / Action Processing Form (NSF Form 1036) 
APS / American Physical Society
ARO / Army Research Office
ASME / American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
AST / Division of Astronomical Sciences
ATM / Atmospheric Sciences Division (GEO)
BA / Budget Authority
BCS / Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences Division (SBE)\ 
BD / Budget Division (BFA)
BE / Biocomplexity in the Environment
BE-IDEA / Biocomplexity in the Environment-Instrumentation Development for Environmental Activities 
BEP / Budget Execution Plan
BES / Division of Bioengineering and Environmental Systems 
BFA / Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management 
BIO / Directorate for Biological Sciences
BSC / Base Science Cluster (CMP, POL & SSe) 
CAA / Career Advancement Award
CAGR / Cooperative Agreement
CAREER / Faculty Early Career Development Program
CBET / Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (Engineering) 
C-CR / Computer-Communications Research (CISE)
CDI / Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation
CEOSE / Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering 
CER / Ceramics Program .
CGA / Continuing Grant Amendment
CGI / Continuing Grant Increment
CHE / Chemistry Division
CISE / Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering 
CMMI / Division of Civil, Mechanical, and Manufacturing Innovation (Engineering) 
CMMP / Condensed Matter and Materials Physics Cluster (Program Group) in DMR 
CMP / Condensed Matter Physics Program
COI / Conflict of Interest
CONT / Continuing Grant Increment
COV / Committee of Visitors
CPO / Contracts, Policy, Oversight (BFA)
CREX / Creativity Extension
DARPA / Defense Advanced Research Program Agency 
DAS / Division of Administrative Services
DBA / Biological Infrastructure Division (BIIO)
DD / Division Director
DDR / Division Director’s Reserve
DEB / Environmental Biology (BIO)
DFM / Financial Management (BFA)
DGA / Division of Grants and Agreements
DGE / Graduate Education (EHR)
DIS / Division of Information Systems
DMII / Division of Design, Manufacture and Industrial Innovation 
DMR / Division of Materials Research
DMS / Division of Mathematical Sciences
DOC / Department of Commerce
DOD / Department of Defense
DOE / Department of Energy
DRB / Director’s Review Board
DUE / Undergraduate Education (EHR)
EAR / Earth Sciences (GEO)
EC / European Commission
ECCS / Division of Electrical and Communications, and Cyber Systems (Engineering) 
EEC / Division of Engineering Education and Centers (Engineering)
EFRI / Office of Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (Engineering) 
EHR / Directorate for Education and Human Resources
EIA / Division of Experimental and Integrative Activities 
EM / Electronic Materials Program
ENG / Directorate for Engineering
EO / Executive Officer
EPA / Environmental Protection Agency
EPSCoR / Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research 
ERC / Engineering Research Centers Program
ESIE / Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education (ERR) 
ESR / Educational Systemic Reform (EHR)
FACA / Federal Advisory Committee Act 
FAS / Financial Accounting System 
FCTR / Federal Cash Transaction Report 
FOIA / Freedom of Information Act –
FPR / Final Project Report
FRG / Focused Research Group
FY / Fiscal Year
GEO / Directorate for Geosciences
GOALI / Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry 
GPG / Grant Programs Guide
GPM / Grant Policy Manual
GPRA / Government Performance and Results Act
HPCC / High Performance Computing and Communications 
HRD / Human Resource Development (EHR)
HRM / Human Resource Management (OIRM) 
IAGR / Interagency Grant
IBN / Integrative Biology and Neurosciences (BIO)
ICSP / Instrumentation, Centers, and Special Programs Cluster (Program Group) in DMR 
ICSU / International Council of Scientific Unions
IGERT / Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training 
IIS / Information and Intelligent Systems (CISE)
IMR / Instrumentation for Materials Research Program 
INT / International Programs Division
IPA / Intergovernmental Personnel Act
IRG / Interdisciplinary Research Group of a MRSEC 
ITR / Information Technology Research
KDI / Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence
LexEn / Life in Extreme Environments
LIS / Learning and Intelligent Systems
LSAMP / Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Partnerships 
MCB / Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
MCEM / Metals, Ceramics, and Electronic Materials Cluster (Program Group) in DMR 
MET / Metals Program
MIP / Midscale Instrumentation Program
MOU / Memorandum of Understanding
MPS / Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
MRE / Major Research Equipment
MRI / Major Research Instrumentation Program
MRI / Minority Research Initiation
MRS / Materials Research Society
MRSEC / Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers Program 
MT / Materials Theory Program
NAE / National Academy of Engineering
NAF / National Facilities Program
NAFI / NAF and IMR Programs
NAS / National Academy of Science
NASULGC / National Association of State and Land Grant Colleges 
NCSA / National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NER / NanoscaIe Exploratory Research
NEW / New Proposal
NHMFL / National High Magnet High Field Laboratory 
NIH / National Institutes of Health
NIRT / Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Teams 
NIST / National Institute of Science and Technology
NMAB / National Materials Advisory Board of the National Research Council 
NML / National Magnet Laboratory
NNIN / National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network 
NRC / National Research Council
NSB / National Science Board
NSE / Nanoscale Science and Engineenng
NSEC / Nanoscale Science and Engineering Centers 
NSF / National Science Foundation
O/D / Office of the Director
OCE / Ocean Sciences (GEO)
OEO / Equal Opportunity Programs (00)
OGC / Office of General Counsel (00)
OIA / Office of Integrative Activities
OIG / Office of the Inspector General
OISE / Office of International Science and Engineering 
OLPA / Office of Legislative and Public Affairs (00) 
OMA / Office of Multidisciplinary Activities
OMB / Office of Management and Budget
ONR / Office of Naval Research
OPP / Office of Polar Programs
OSA / Optical Society of America
OSP / Office of Special Programs
OSTP / Office of Science and Technology Policy 
PA / Program Assistant
PACI / Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure 
PAM / Proposal and A ward Manual
PARS / Proposal and Reviewer System
PCAST / President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology 
PD / Program Director.
PECASE / Presidential Early Career Science and Engineering Award 
PHY / Physics Division
PI / Principal Investigator
PO / Program Officer
POC / Point of Contact
POI / Program Officer Information System
POL / Polymers Program
POWRE / Professional Opportunities for Woman in Research and Education 
PSC / Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
PUI / Primarily Undergraduate Institutions
R&D / Research and Development 
R&RA / Research and Related Activities
REC / Research Evaluation and Communication (HER) 
RET / Research Experiences for Teachers
REU / Research Experience for Undergraduates 
RFP / Request for Proposals
RIA / Research Initiation Award
RNEW / Renewal Proposal
ROA / Research Opportunity Awards
RPG / Research Planning Grant
RUI / Research Undergraduate Institutions
S&E / Salary and Expenses
S&E / Scientists and Engineers
SACNAS / Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science 
SBE / Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
SBIR / Small Business Innovation Research 
SDSC / San Diego Supercomputer Center 
SEP / Special Emphasis Panel
SES / Senior Executive Service
SES / Social and Economic Sciences (SBE) 
SGER / Small Grant for Exploratory Research 
SMIG / Senior Management Integration Group 
SPA / Senior Program Assistant
SRS / Science Resources Statistics (SBE)
SSCP / SSMC and POL Programs
SSMC / Solid-State & Materials Chemistry Program 
SSSC / Solid-State Sciences Committee of the NRC 
STC / Science and Technology Center
STND / Standard Grant
UCAR / University Cooperation for Atmospheric Research