SMART Biosensors: A New Modality to Objectively Quantify Pain an NIH Lecture by Dr. Sadik

Air date: Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Duration: 01:06:52

Description: Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series

Title: SMART Biosensors: A New Modality to Objectively Quantify Pain

Conventional methods of assessing pain are mostly subjective, and the challenge of objectively quantifying the problem is a daunting task. As pain levels increase, so do the amount and variety of pain killers required to manage pain successfully. Dr. Sadik’s current research focuses on creative new kinds of biosensors to objectively detect and quantify pain biomarkers. Her lab has developed novel multidimensional biosensors that have been tested in more than a thousand patients. This will be the focus of her talk. Dr. Sadik is a distinguished professor and chair in the department of chemistry and environmental sciences at the New Jersey Institutes of Technology. She is the director of the NJIT BioSensors Materials for Advanced Research & Technology (the BioSMART Center). Her group focuses on understanding interfaces, particularly the electrochemical interface, and how to use this knowledge to pursue innovative sensor technologies to improve human health and the environment. Dr. Sadik holds several U.S. patents in biosensors and sustainable nanotechnology For more information go to​ Author: Omowunmi «Wunmi» Sadik, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, New Jersey Institutes of Technology


Sadik, O. (2021, enero 6). SMART Biosensors: A New Modality to Objectively Quantify Pain.