CLDM Book: Reflections on Communication, Collaboration, and Convergence

In their new book ‘Reflections on Communication, Collaboration, and Convergence,’ authors James Lipuma, Cristo Leon, and Victor Hugo Guzmán Zarate unveil actionable strategies for elevating STEM education and research. With a strong focus on effective communication and meaningful collaboration, this publication is a pivotal guide for educators, researchers, and professionals. Drawing from over five years of empirical research, the authors also emphasize the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the STEM fields. The book is a treasure trove of practical insights and frameworks that promise to significantly impact how we approach STEM education and trans-disciplinary research.

Artículo «Scenario specification structuring effective collaborative communication»

Dr. James Lipuma, a faculty member in the Humanities and Social Sciences department, and Cristo Leon (PhD. Graduate Student) director of research at NJIT College of Science and Liberal Arts, and Kamiya Patel CEO-President at Lyra have a new article entitled “Scenario specification structuring effective collaborative communication”.